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24th of June 2013
There are numerous sites made for teaching photography.
Anyone can create a site so it can be difficult to figure out which ones are the best.
Luckily the best sites are large sites with a huge selection and prices you can live with.
I have here made a guide for the best - Photography learning sites.

17th of June 2013
The Canon nifty fifty (50mm 1.8) is famous and not without reason.
Problem with the kit-lens is that even though the quality is not bad, it is not high quality.
Getting the typical high quality lens on the other hand costs more than many DSLRs.
A cheap and great alternative is the - Canon nifty fifty,
which is considered to give most bang for the bucks.

10th of June 2013
If you are a complete beginner to HDR, the principle is quite simple.
You add multiple exposures to create an image more complete in its dynamic range.
The results vary greatly from the extremely artistic to the very realistic.
An overview is to be found in this - What is hdr photography overview.

3rd of June 2013
A lot have already been said about mirrorless cameras vs DSLRs.
However, after reading the love-fest about the mirrorless cameras I started to wonder if DSLR was dying.
Having more advantages than simply lower size, mirrorless cameras also have their disadvantages.
The main reasons for each - Mirrorless Cameras vs DSLRs.

27th of May 2013
Adobe has received a lot of criticism for its latest decision to move over to a subscription based model.
In some ways it is unjustified as their primary task, as a private company, is not to serve the public.
That being said, Adobe Photoshop creative cloud, is not a particularly good deal for photographers.

20th of May 2013
If you want to try Macro photography but don't want to invest in a macro lens.
Reverse lens macro photography is an obvious option. Use your regular lens and reverse it in front of your camera.
It has its disadvantages. However, [Read: Reverse lens Macro photography] is surprisingly easy.

13th of May 2013
Some of the coolest pictures, in my opinion, are nighttime pictures. Particularly when taken of cities they can get almost any place to look great.
If you are somewhat familiar with nighttime photography, this blog post is not for you.
However, if you are new there are a few tips I can give. [Read: How to take nighttime photos]

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