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Becoming Professional Photographer

Are the market overly saturated with professional photographers?

5th of August 2013. If you listen to podcasts with professional photographers there is somewhat of a doomsday sentiment. There seem to be little thrill over that fact that the majority now have, one way or another, access to high quality cameras. If someone is getting married, they will always have a family member who will be able to take pictures cheaply. The advantages is that many who previously would not be able to get quality pictures, will now be able to get some. With changing marriage habits I'm not sure if the growth of amateur photographers is the only reason for declining revenue.

Finding a photographer niché

Suppose you are a professional photographer or dreaming of becoming one - does the fact that everyone has a camera mean that there is no market for professionals?

The complaining in generality is misplaced. Of course, if you are a wedding photographer with 20 years experience these are not the easiest times.
To complain of general decline is wrong. The times are changing. Who succeeds are not the ones who follow previous business models unless they do it exceptionally well. However, there is a huge array of new businesses as well as areas not influenced by the growth of amateur photographers.

I cannot provide the answers of which areas you should enter. What you should do is to be realistic about which areas there is a market for a photographer.

There is no secret that there has been a huge growth in demand for learning sites. Not all photographers can become teachers of course. But in addition there has been a huge demand for product review. For everything there is important to find your own style and niché. It is not unlikely that there are many areas of e.g. product photography where there are not many amateurs entering.

Becoming a professional photographer is therefore possible, but you should find a niché beforehand, knowing full well that many of the "old models" are not working anymore.

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