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The Canon Nifty Fifty

17th of June 2013. The kit lenses are usually not of the quality you would hope for.
Sure, you can get good quality in the right light conditions, but hardly anything that makes you go - Wow.
The lenses that are considered to be truly amazing also has a large prize to go with it.

The Canon nifty fifty might not impress you - but the results are a significant improvement over your kit lenses and the price is a bargain in comparison to high quality lenses.
That is not to say that this is best lens to get, but when considering the price it really is a must have if the alternative is to only have the kit lenses.

The obvious negative of this lens is that it is a prime lens and that it therefore will not be able to zoom. At least in most cases this is considered a major disadvantage. The advantage, however, is that you will be able to experience a quality that might make you more inclined to continue enjoying your photography.

Smaller version of an image taken with the lens:

Cropped at a 100% of the same image:

Image taken with the canon nifty fifty and a rebel T2i.
The image has been edited to make it sharper and somewhat darker (click image for full size).

After using the kit-lens and the niftyfifty I found it to be well worth to use the nifty fifty in daily walks.
You do miss many shots due to lack of the wider angles, but the quality with the keepers gives you a nice step up from point and shoot cameras.

For a cropped sensor this focal length is great for pictures in most situations. It will be good for pictures of people without giving distortions up close.

If you later should decide to upgrade to a full frame sensor - this light and cheap camera is an EF camera and therefore fits.

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