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How to become a commercial photographer

8th of July 2013. This guide is primarily written for someone who is not already a photography professional (e.g. doing weddings or portraits).
If you are new to photography, starting a full business like a wedding photography business might be diving into it too deep.
That is not to say that a commercial photography career is any easier though.

Commercial photography

Commercial photography is one of many areas you can enter into in photography.
Going pro has of course many general elements and the best instructional video I have seen so far is by Selina Maitreya and B&H photo.

There are many reasons why you might consider Commercial Photography and one of them is based on your personality.
To have success in Commercial Photography you do need to have quite professional gear, but you do not need it to create your portfolio.
For example it will be highly advantageous to have a full frame camera with an expensive lens for product shoots, but you do not need to invest in that right from the beginning.

In addition, the most important is generally sensor size and not other technical features. With the new Canon 6d you will therefore be able to get what you need in a cheaper package.

Glowing Heineken Bottle
Glowing Heineken bottle

To get a great overview of the technical and skills needed for Commercial Photography, these site provide great information for someone who already knows the basic of photography and photoshop (which is a basic requiremment):
PHlearn - Not a site for commercial photography, but some of their instructions in this field is as good as it gets.
Photigy - Not a cheap site, but has a great community if you already are far enough to want your work reviewed.

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