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Growth of Photography as an art form

22. April 2013. The enhanced quality of cameras with consumer level prices has caused some problems for some professional groups. Typical example is wedding photographers. Of course one can have sympathy for the ones having less business. Due to quality difference between professional pictures and pictures taken by amateur family members, one can assume that the ones opting for not using professional assistance are someone who doesn't really have the money to spend. People who previously probably spent money they didn't have. That is not the topic here. Just as some wedding photographers are talking as it is the end of the profession. So does some in the art community.

Where the talk as if it is doomsday is particularly silly is in the art community. Lately there has been a huge increase in the interest in photography in general. Advance of technology has made photography available for anyone with an interest. In itself this means that we will see a burst in creativity within the field of photography.

If that was not enough - we can now see a much more democratic evaluation of what is good and what is bad photography. This will create competition, diversity and innovation. If you love photography, this is great news. If you are part of the old gatekeepers that by decree can decide what is art and what is not - this is a disaster. Unlike other art forms, photography will not go the way of paintings where what is considered great probably is more dependent on who you know and less about real talent.

Discussion from art community about the death of Photography

The discussion about the death of photography above - really is just a discussion about the death of their power.

Photography as art and mass photography

Sure, one can argue that we see a lot of bad pictures on the net. That is, however, not the point. There are clear distinctions between the mass photography and real high quality photography. Moreover, with the belief that the process is fair - the interest will create market for the ones with real talent. All independent of whether they have an art degree or not. We already see the beginning of the process. What will be interesting to see is how the situation is fifty years from now.