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Photography learning sites

24th of June 2013. There are numerous learning sites for both beginners and advanced learners.
The best part of it is that you can get a great deal for free. Many of the places that you have to pay, have quite reasonable prices.

Places to learn photography

If you are quite new to photography there are numerous places to learn the basic and basic search in Youtube will eventually provide all the basic knowledge.
Certain streams provide basic information organized in an order that you will be able to learn what you didn't know you needed to know.
One site gives an overview in these photography hints. In Youtube the best free structured option is B&H Photo store.
In this feed you will find videos in numerous general topics - meaning you don't have to search for particular themes.
When beginning to learn photography it is difficult to know what you don't know. This site is therefore the best options among the free sites.

If you are willing to pay a small amount per month there are primarily two sites that provide excellent particularly gives you information in a structured manner.
The first site is Kelby Training. This site used to be more for the professional user, but have recently extended to even larger amount of videos also for beginners.
This site is the best place for extended photography training.

The second site is the famous This is a huge instruction site with a gigantic site from photography to video editing. If you have a wide interest in learning various types of software, this site is for you. In comparison to Kelby Training the quality of the photography lessons are, in my opinion, of lower quality. That has more to do with the high quality of the instructors at Kelby training. An investment in a membership on this site is well worth it.

Basic Editing in Lightroom - One of the main software in photopgraphy.
Both and provides good instruction videos.
Statue of liberty - New York

After watching the main videos at you will have a good overview of the basics of Photography and more importantly know which information you should learn more about.
The latter is very important for the beginner photographer. After learning the basic of photography, this site has hours on end as an intruduction to post processing.

As previous mentioned - there is however a particular high quality to the sites with Scott Kelby. This includes their free youtube channel.

Another site you should check out is This site has amazing instruction videos, particularly within the field of commercial photography.
The price they charge is stiffer so not for beginners. You should check out their free stuff as a beginner and if you are at an intermediate level you should check out if any of these videos are within your field of interest.

Beyond the ones above I would like to mention a few more. These are not for everyone, but you should check them out to see if they are for you:
Serge Ramelli - I probably mention his videos as I recently have found an interest in his site. He creates cool natural looking HDR style pictures just using one fram in Lightroom.
Photigy - This is an expensive community for commecial product photography. Too expensive for the ones with casual interest (you will find similar training at phlearn and Kelby Training), but might be ideal if this is the area you enter as a professional.
Stuckincustoms - HDR style photography sites.

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